April 23, 2011

Enchanting Blue Eyes

It seems only fitting to blog about my absolute favorite thing in the entire world for my first post. She is after all the reason I finally pursued my passion....and even better, she's my daughter!  To say I love pictures would be a drastic understatement. Call it an obsession, call it a passion, call it...well, just me. Anyone who knows me knows I always have my camera in hand. My husband usually says I see my entire life through a camera lens. But, this post isn't about me - it's about the most beautiful baby girl in the entire world. Lexis Elisabeth Schmidt - who just turned ONE YEAR old this week.

They say time flies when you're having fun and for us, it definitely has!  She has brought more joy to our lives than we could have ever asked for. The happiness and tingle of love that I feel in my heart everytime I see my daughter smile, or grab for Daddy's hand, or giggle that adorable laugh is like nothing else in the world. To hear my husband  - who is by far the least romantic person in the world - tell his daughter about 50 times a day how much he loves her is music to my ears. The way he looks at her, protects her, his need to comfort her, and make it known to her at every moment of the day that he is utterly and truly in love with her is something I have dreamed of since a little girl. She makes us want to be better, stronger, compassionate, exciting, loving and mentoring parents who can give her a world where she knows love and kindness and joy and the simple things of life that make it all worth while. It is truly this little girl's enchanting bright blue eyes, rosy cheeks that just scream Kiss Me!, glistening hair, and brilliant mind that makes me want to never put the camera down and capture every moment of her life so I always have those memories to look back at down the road when she's not my baby girl anymore, but all grown up and I can no longer hold her in my arms and rock her to sleep.  Happy Birthday Baby!

Of course what's a blog from a proud Mama without photos showing off her baby girl!

And what's a birthday without cake?!  However, Mommy's love of cake must have not been passed onto this little babe.  She would much rather eat pizza, cottage cheese, and cheese over cake any day :)