February 13, 2012

Hailey | is 4!

This cutie was my very first client for Emily Schmidt Photography. It's hard to believe that was a year ago already...and now she's turning 4 and I am thrilled to be able to do her birthday pictures once more. This is the last year before she starts school so her Mom wanted to do something fun and special for her. Since the weather was horrid, horrid harsh and bitter cold on Saturday we opted for a mix of posed and lifestyle indoor shots. It's even harder to believe that it was four years ago that I transferred positions at my job to cover for her Mom when she was out on maternity leave bringing her into this wonderful world. I'm so glad I get to call her Mom a friend now and got to know her over the years. I do miss her a lot since switching jobs this past fall, but at least there's facebook, photo sessions, and girls night out!

 My attempt at being crafty. I think it turned out not too bad!

 Hailey is in the "I love Princesses" stage, so naturally we had to invite Rapunzel to the party as well.

 Rapunzel meets Sleeping Beauty. Beware the potion in the cup!

Attempts at glitter, but it was so windy out, it blew away before she even had a chance to do it herself.


February 6, 2012

melissa + bryant | engaged

What a perfect day for a winter love session! Decent temps, no ridiculously harsh sun blinding off the snow {or what little snow we actually have}, and a really great couple to hang out with. Melissa's a teacher and Bryant's a farmer. Together they make an awesome couple. So full of love, fun, laughter, and easy going. I cannot wait for their September wedding!


February 2, 2012

Project 12: in my eyes

It's 6am and I'm dirty and need a good wash. The lady with the brown hair and glasses is slow and dragging her feet this morning. It's just me and her. The rest of the house is silent. Asleep. Dreaming. You know what I'm dreaming of? Soap, water, suds, swirling, tumbling, clean goodness. The thought of that refreshing clean sparked my attention this morning as footsteps came down the hall. I squealed with excitement but the trudging footsteps walked on by and shut the door in my face. A toilet flushes and spurts of water begin rushing through the shower head and make me oh-so-jealous. Why does she get a refreshing shower and I don't?

I've sat here all night. Darkness. Tick, tock, tick, tock...goes the clock. Nope, there's no clock like that in this house. No noise but the hum of the furnace and an occasional loud truck rumbling by outside. This hallway is an empty place to sit. At least in the bedroom I felt more warmth and invitingness. I could watch the little girl laugh and play in her room. The one who wears me and gets me dirty. Those sticky fingers of maple syrup, cheddar crunchies, yogurt, mushed up cheese slices, and most of all slobber. She's almost 2, why does she still insist on chewing on her fingers and then wiping them all over me? Regardless, I love her. She warms my heart and she wears me proud. I look good on her, I admit it. But I just sit here waiting. Why am I not being washed? Why tease me of that with this soft moisture and steam seeping out under the bottom of the bathroom door that leaks from behind the shower curtain.  I want a wash too!

It's been 8 hrs, 42 mins, and 13 seconds since I've been sitting in this lonely hallway. And then it dawns on me. Detergent. The one with the brown hair and glasses grumbled right after she put me here last night. "Hon, how come you didn't tell me there was no detergent left?"...."I did!" another voice sounded from around the corner in the kitchen. So. Here. I. Sit. Waiting. For. Detergent. Past experience tells me I may be here a few more days until a bright full red bottle of liquidy goodness replaces the empty spot on the shelf next to the washer I so long to be in.