July 27, 2011

confessions of a second shooter | haley + joe

Haley + Joe's wedding granted me a second opportunity to shoot with the lovely and talented Krystal Muellenburg Photography. This time around I tried to take into account what I observed from last time and apply it as best I could. I tried to be a bit more pro-action in the sense that I still wanted to maintain a good balance between assisting and shooting and not as much wondering "What should I do?" {both picture-wise and assisting-wise}. Keeping in mind how FAST Krystal is, I knew I had to make my moves faster as well.  I tried to urge my confidence a bit more and try for some different angles and push for the extra oomph. In some aspects I felt that even having an idea of what to expect based on the first wedding, I was still on pins and needles with nervousness but analyzing the other side of the spectrum there were many moments I realized I was more aware of the days events and what was going on and was at a surprisingly calm ease. Although, I told Krystal on the long drive home that night that all day I kept telling myself that I was being "too relaxed" from having a better idea of what to expect and that maybe I was missing out on me pushing my brain to work even harder and be more creative and I needed to be super nervous again like I was with the first wedding to strive for excellence. Hmmm....

If you've never been to the Enchanted Barn, you need to check it out. It is located in picturesque country about an hour north of Eau Claire. It is uber gorgeous and the hottest new wedding venue around.  {I am extremely lucky to have been able to shoot there with Krystal - so another big THANK YOU shout out to KM}  The Enchanted Barn is becoming insanely popular for so many reasons: one: barn weddings seem to be the latest and coolest thing (I totally agree!) and two: the landscape was a photographers dream...and three: the food. Yum-o! I'm pretty sure they cater their own events. Their plate stacking skills were the best I have seen (I either am waaaay too over thrilled about this and need a life or I just...need a life). haha

Haley was a vision of beauty and I adored the entire wedding party. Joe totally rocked his socks (see Krystal's preview HERE for insanely awesome groom socks and HERE for entire blog post).  Everything about the day was very laid back and just a feel-good-time.  When Krystal had asked Haley about her wedding and choosing the venue location she told Krystal "I want people to look back and say 'Do you remember Haley & Joe's wedding? Yeah, that was a really fun time!'"  I'm can definitely say their wedding was unforgettable {even despite the rainshowers in the morning}. You know it's a good wedding when I can't seem to narrow down which images to show for a preview because I'm so excited about a ton of them and then to top it off I sat pondering on a majority of them if I really even needed to edit much of them at all. I really feel like I rocked my flash for technically only being the second time using it EVER, but maybe that's just my opinion. I know I still have loads of work to do yet but thought for just starting to learn how to use it, it wasn't too bad, right? You be the judge. Constructive criticism is ALWAYS welcome! :)

 First look :)
At one point while Haley was waiting for her Dad to walk her down the aisle, I could tell he had just said something or asked her a question and she looked up at him as if she were saying "Yes, Daddy...I love him, I'm so happy." Unfortunately it was a split second before this shot while my flash was recycling.
 These guys were AWESOME! I totally want to throw a party just to have them come play.
Seriously: best plate stacking ever. Ok, so maybe I'm a bit on the dork side, but I was highly excited over something different then the normal stacking.

Big thanks again to Krystal for letting me join her for the day! I had SOOO much fun!