August 18, 2013

melissa + bob // the wedding // trempealeau, wi wedding

melissa and bob had the most perfect day {and weather} for their summertime wedding. i have been absolutely loving this summer. i know, i know...I've heard some complain that it's been too cold and they love the heat. not me! try carrying gear around all day out in 100 degree heat every Saturday when you're already a person who overheats too easily. this year has been PERFECT. sixty five to seventy five degrees, no humidity all year sounds great to me! But, back to melissa and bob which is the real reason you're here ;)

melissa and bob finished up my 8 weddings in 8 weeks stretch. i couldn't have asked for a better wedding to end this amazing run before getting to take a short break.  melissa is such a joy to be around. always laughing, smiling, and so easy to talk to. i loved that she did her wedding her way. she even wore her favorite most comfy pair of sandals that were not "fancy" by any means, but they were her and to me, that rocks. and then there's bob. well, he's just....bob. at least this is what i heard all day from friends and family sharing their loving humor. but love is tying your spouse's bib for dinner, love is putting on your new wife's socks and cowgirl boots for her, love is taking off your favorite hat that you are never without and tossing it aside during pictures {although always keeping an eye on it at all times}, and love for making melissa happy is what bob is all about and that folks is genuine and real and the best thing of all. for melissa and bob, fairytales really do come true ;)

ceremony // st. bartholomew church // trempealeau, wi
reception // centerville curling club //  centerville, wi

i really loved that melissa's mom was actually in the wedding as a bridesmaid and for her brother who wasn't unable to attend the wedding since he is currently away serving our country, she had a flag pin that she wore on the back on her dress so he could be there with her.
we snuck out for some late shots right before i left and scooted down the road a bit since there was nothing that i really wanted outside the reception hall. as i'm looking for a place to quick pull over and take some shots, I drove past this place and exclaimed "yes, this place was the one i saw earlier today. man, i wish i knew who owned it!" "this one? oh yeah....that's us. my family owns this." SAY WHAT?! sa-weet! that never happens, but was super glad it did this time.