July 31, 2013

laughing in the cool summer breeze // personal post

we are loving this cool summer weather. i wish all summers could be like this instead of sweltering heat and humidity. i better stop talking about it before i jinx it!!

i'm almost done with my eight weddings in eight weeks stretch and really looking forward to four weeks "off". of course i'll still be crazy busy with editing and family sessions and all my 2014 seniors are about to be snapped (ha!) coming up soon, so i'll still be plenty busy. But it will be nice to have some time off on the weekend to go with the family to the local fairs, family reunions, and possibly even debating on taking my three year old to her first ever movie theatre experience. i'm biting my nails just a bit because she can't sit still for longer than ten seconds literally so it'll be interesting if she is able to do it! plus my birthday is coming up so look for a special to be announced in celebration tomorrow ;)

thank you, thank you, thank you to those who are patiently waiting for your wedding galleries from the last couple of months. i'm working hard on getting those completed for everyone and am so grateful for your patience!

since it's been a while since i've shared some personal photos, here's a few of my loves from this summer.

we love corn in the summer!
bird catching....or trying to. it's one of her favorite things to do. although I always ask her "did you catch one?" and she sighs with disappointment "no...maybe next time. i'll try my butterfly net".
i call liam my little chunker. at four and a half months old, he is already 17 pounds which is five more than lexi was at this age. i laugh because lexi was in everything size newborn until about four months or longer and liam is already in six months and some even bigger sizes. he is over half of the weight of his sissy pants (that's what we call her) with her weighing in at only 31 pounds.
making progress. less than three weeks to officially crawling if he keeps up with his big sis who started crawling at 5 months and 1 week. we'll see if he can do it!

July 24, 2013

dana + jeremy // the wedding // mayowood stone barn // rochester, mn wedding photographer

so so sooooo many things that i loved about dana and jeremy's day that i'm not even sure where to start. i guess why not start with them?! they are so genuine and sweet, loving, caring, fun, adorable, and the list goes on and on. i fell in love with both of them immediately and everyone who knows them can easily understand why. the day was like a dream come true. so much beauty everywhere you turned. and the venue. oh, the venue. it was the essence of history and beauty from the historic brick buildings and stable/s to the breathtaking trees and tall grass field and everything in between. this venue was simply stunning. someone please, please, please take me back there!

some weddings you just don't want to end and this was one of them for me. i would have stayed all night if i didn't have a two hour drive and my sweet four-month-old babe to get home to.  congrats again to the newlyweds and may your future endeavors be filled with so much joy and happiness because you deserve it.

and i definitely can't forget a shout out to one of my dear friends, tiffany of TLA Photography, who joined me for the day. it's always a good time when you're in the company of such good friends to share and oogle over it all together. xoxo

ceremony + reception // mayowood stone barn // rochester, mn

love these.
dana also did a first look with her dad <3
tiffany and i were just talking on the way up to Rochester that it would be neat to see something done besides the normal unity candle or sand and what fun options there are. little did we know, we were about to see one. i super loved this "love fern" idea.
 the groom requested these photos. love it.
i can't say enough about all the gorgeous details. little fact about me - i am a huge, huge lover of heavenly smelling flowers so i pretty much wanted to steal these centerpieces along with the wood circles that were right up my alley!
 such a fun idea for a dinner game!
 a cricket photobombed our time in the sunset :)
hey, look it's me! {on the left, tiffany on the right}. i was a sweaty hot mess at the end of the day but that just means the day was a success and no one cares when you're having that much fun ;)