January 25, 2012

the pampuchs | family

There are so many sessions from the past fall that I adore but was never able to find time to blog about them. Maybe now I can finally get caught up?!?! Here's the first one that most definitely deserves some blog love.

Meet the Pampuchs. SUCH a beautiful family and this session definitely seems to hold a special place in my heart. And what makes it more special? They are neighbors and long time friends of the family. In fact, believe it or not Mom Kim used to babysit my sister-in-law when they were all younger! Quite a few people are shocked when I tell them that since these lovely ladies all look like they could be sisters! {Yes, I have had people ask me this a few times!}. They are definitely a family to look up to and my husband has even many times said he always wanted a family like theirs and two daughters of his own someday. Well, we have one girl....and he is wishing for a only time will tell!

So, onto what we're all here for: pictures!

January 20, 2012

And the WINNERS of family + love are...


It's the Mommy and son moment that stole everyone's heart. I do have to say this is one of my favorites too! Sweet Harper was such a joy to photograph! Cute, Cute, Cute! AND he actually fell asleep for me when we laid him in the basket with his monkey. That has never happened to me before! Of course I'm mostly used to my little Mini Me who NEVER sleeps. haha.


The people have spoken and they cannot resist a sexy cowboy: Cassie & Jesse! I had the pleasure of second shooting this wedding for Krystal Muellenberg Photography and am so so thankful for it! One of my favorite weddings of 2011 for sure. So many good memories and things about this wedding I loved. It was also their handsome little man who won Best of Boys!


January 17, 2012

emma + trevor | engaged

Meet Emma + Trevor: they're getting married in July! A simple backyard wedding. I can't wait! Emma and Trevor were so fun to work with. So easy going and down to earth. I felt immediately relaxed with them and we had a blast playing in the snow. Probably a little bit too much fun since Trevor ended up with ripped pants. Oops!

Oh yeah...and Emma is a master at laughing on command. Awesome.

What is winter without a snow fight? Too bad the snow was so light and whispy and the wind was just blowing it straight in the opposite direction. Regardless, there were still a lot of laughs to be had!

LOVE the one on the left!


January 15, 2012

ashley + eric | having a baby

Ashley + Eric are having a baby! They met in high school and although they dated other people first they eventually ended up together and soon baby will make 3. I actually went to high school with both of them so I know they are surrounded by lots of love from family and friends who are eager to welcome some baby goodness. And Eric comes from a really big family!

We met in Richland Center for a wintery day shoot.  My fingertips only ached for about the first 5 minutes and then I couldn't feel them anymore. By the end of the session I think I was covered in snow but we got some cute shots to showcase the making of baby girl.

Yes, this is the same belly, but slightly different angle!

Love this next bunch of Ashley + Belly.

By this point everyone was cold but Eric gave in to just one more idea. I'm glad he did because it ended up being my favorite image from the session.