March 29, 2012

brooke + garth | having a baby

Oh man, this might be a long one...I could talk for hours on two of my favorite people in this world. Words cannot express how much this amazing couple means to me and how much I admire them. They bring warmth and love to everyone who knows them and are the definition of courage, strength, and hope. Although Brooke and I grew up together in the same town and same school, we didn't become friends until almost senior year when we had Spanish class together and Brooke liked to copy off my papers. The funny thing is - she's the one who went on to double major in college which included Spanish! Donde esta el pantelones? Yeah...that's about all I've got ;)

We've been through a lot over the years but our friendship has grown and it means the world to me. She is known to me as one of my best friends in life without a doubt. There is never a moment that I'm not with Brooke that I am not peeing my pants with laughter. She is the one person who I can guarantee without a doubt will make me laugh until my cheeks hurt, tears running down my face, and I can't breathe from stories we tell or talk about. It's the kind of laughter you NEED in your life to make it complete.

Garth is from South Africa but moved to the states and was living in Colorado when he met Brooke. He is her perfect match in every way. Although I like to pick on him about not always understanding everything he says and make him repeat it, I have a secret crush on his accent ;) He is her rock and foundation.

They have been through so much together and I look to them for inspiration whenever I need it. They found out they were expecting their first son in April 2010. I remember exactly where I was sitting on the couch, rubbing my own 9-month big belly, when Brooke told me the news and how excited she was and the thought of expanding their family. But just as life throws many challenges at us, they were handed the news partway through the pregnancy that their little babe had a 1 in a million heart defect and the outcome was unknown. Little Ethan made it to full term but had to undergo several surgeries in his short life and God decided he was needed in heaven. The hope, joy, weakness, sorrow, grace, compassion, and strength that I've witnessed from these two is uncomparable. Their strength is a light for all of us and have inspired more people than they will probably ever know. And I'm overjoyed to report that Ethan's younger brother is 120% healthy! four bring so much happiness to my world and I can't wait to watch yours unfold and see all the joys it's about to bring! xoxo